Pet Portrait or Animal Illustration

Silver Portrait $100
The main condition for this package is a simple background and head or chest portrait view. The background will be simple, plain, and solid with the option for a gradient, blurred or bokeh effect. You may request adjustments to the expression, position, or style from your reference photo for a more personalized piece. Hight-Quality print-ready image (300DPI)
Golden Portrait $200
In this package I provide a full body portrait service for your pets or preferred animal subjects. The background is completely customizable, allowing you to choose any setting imaginable - from the natural environment of an existing place (such as a childhood memory) to fantastical scenes, such as a castle or other whimsical setting. Hight-Quality print-ready image (300DPI)
Platinum Portrait $250
I offer a horizontal full-body portrait service for pets, and allow for complete customization of the background. As horizontally oriented full-body portrait illustrations require more attention to detail in the background, this type of commission is subject to a higher fee due to the increased level of intricacy involved. Hight-Quality print-ready image (300DPI)

To commission a pet portrait or animal illustration for personal use (for yourself, as a gift, etc.) please visit my Ko-fi page. This is a faster and more convenient way to place an order.

Please note that commissions on Ko-fi are for portraits and illustrations for personal use only. If you need an illustration for commercial use, please contact me via email or fill out the contact form. Thank you!

*Please pay attention: the price is for a portrait of one animal. Each next one will cost an additional $80. These packages are for personal use only and never for commercial use. Do not include a commercial license. If you have any questions feel free to contact me

Other And Commercial Illustration

Illustration or Concept art at $35
The pricing for this service starts at $35, which is subject to variation based on the intricacy of the image and copyright license type. My rates are calculated at a flat rate of $35 per hour spent on the project plus the type of copyright license for your needs. To provide you with an accurate quotation for your artwork, kindly reach out to me for further discussion. Thank you.

*For your convenience, I have written a post about the licenses. I hope it will help you choose the right license type. Or feel free contact me to discuss the details of your project

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