Our Collaboration Guide

As someone who prefers clarity and structure when starting a new venture, I completely understand your anxiety and desire for guidance. That’s why I want to provide you with a detailed overview of our collaboration process, so you can feel more at ease and confident in our partnership.


When you reach out to me, we’ll engage in a thorough discussion about your order. Whether it’s a portrait of your pet or a commercial project, we’ll explore all the important details together.

First of all, I’ll ask you to submit a Brief Questionary.

I want to know what will be in the illustration (or who), what kind of background you prefer, if you have any ideas, and what technical requirements are necessary.

For commercial projects, we’ll also delve into the specifics of your endeavor, such as how you plan to use the illustration, what rights you require, and your deadline.

Sign Agreement

Once we’ve established all these aspects, I’ll draft an agreement that encompasses every aspect of our collaboration. This document will then be sent to you for review and signature.

Using a secure service that provides officially registered keys for signatures, we can ensure the contract won’t be altered by either party and will remain valid until the completion of our project.


For payments under $300, I request full payment upfront before starting work on your project. For orders exceeding $300, we split the payment into two parts: the first 50% is due before commencing work, while the remaining 50% is payable after completing the task.

After delivering a low-resolution image with watermarks that’s not suitable for commercial use or printing but good enough to confirm the illustration’s readiness and your satisfaction, you’ll be asked to settle the remaining amount.


During this process, I’ll also present an intermediate draft that will allow us to ensure that we’re moving in the right direction and that you are happy with the composition and overall concept of the portrait or illustration.

Ultimately, I will deliver a high-quality image ready for printing in your preferred format (JPEG, PNG, or PDF). After finishing our collaboration I would like to invite you to leave feedback on my Facebook page as well!

P.S. To commission a pet portrait or animal illustration for personal use (for yourself, as a gift, etc.) please visit my Ko-fi page. This is a faster and more convenient way to place an order.

Please note that commissions on Ko-fi are for portraits and illustrations for personal use only. If you need an illustration for commercial use, please contact me via email or fill out the contact form. Thank you!

I hope that I provided a clear overview of our collaboration process and you will feel more at ease and confident about our partnership. I’m thrilled to hear from you and can’t wait to see you in my inbox, as well as on my social media channels Facebook and Instagram

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