Cat Portraits

Oh, I love cats! They are lovely creatures with a lot of personality, and this undeniable fact makes them perfect subjects for pet portrait artists. On this page, you can look at my most recent cat portraits.

Some commissions focus only on the pet’s distinctive characteristics, while others integrate a feeling of location with a beloved locale or setting. I welcome both individual and group portraits.

Despite their allure, I don’t get as many cat portrait commissions as I do dogs or horses. It’s a mystery why our feline buddies are sometimes forgotten!

In addition to my love of cats, I am also a cat painting artist and I provide digital illustration services. I provide high-quality print-ready images in any desired format (jpeg, png, pdf). Every image has a high resolution for a high-quality print.

I can capture the pet’s personality whether it’s a picture from a photo or an image in a fantasy environment. If you can supply more pet images, I may produce a custom cat portrait that accurately depicts their pet.

We can come up with any scenario you have in mind for your pet.

Custom cat art for my client

Please note I currently provide only digital portrait services.

This means that the physical product will not be delivered to you. I will send you a digital file (JPEG, PNG or PDF), and then you can contact any printing service convenient for you to print your portrait.

Check the current pricing information.

To commission a pet portrait or animal illustration please visit my Artistree page. This is a faster and more convenient way to place an order.

Also you can contact me via email or fill out the contact form. Thank you!

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